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High School reunion coming up? Looking for an excuse to get out on the water and enjoy South Florida weather? A class reunion on a yacht is a memory that will not be forgotten and a great way to reunite with old friends.   

Take the leap, with everyone that you graduated, aboard one of Charter One’s fleet of luxury charter yachts and you won’t just set sail, you’ll be moved. Allow Charter One to offer the ideal setting to create an unforgettable class reunion cruise with entertainment and luxury that only a cruising yacht can provide. Charter One is dedicated to giving a unique experience to each customer, exceeding expectations through services and detail.  

Learn more about the Grand Floridian by clicking here. 

Charter One has two luxurious yachts that can provide the perfect venue for a class reunion cruise, depending on the number of guests. The Grand Floridian is the ultimate experience and can hold up to 550 guests, where The Summer Wind is another unique experience, for smaller groups of around 40 individuals. No matter the vessel, you and your friends will be provided with the ultimate experience that will be talked about for years to come. Not convinced yet? Continue reading to learn more about why your high school reunion should be on a cruise.  

5 Reasons Why Your Class Reunion Cruise Will Be Unforgettable 

The main key to a successful class reunion is to make sure that fun is maximized, providing a unique and entertaining experience for every attendee. In general, class reunions are large groups of individuals, some who have kept in contact and others who have not, making it extremely important that everyone is entertained. This is where a chartered yacht company comes in, Charter One is able to provide many entertainment options with customizable menus and events to keep the fun rolling, from day tonight. Here are our top 5 reasons why a class reunion on a cruise will rock! 

Dinner with a View  –

Dancing in the Open Air –

A Venue to Remember –


Food Stations  –

Holding your class reunion on a cruise offers a wide variety of entertainment options for all in attendance. Contact Charter One today at 954.771.0102 to speak with them about your ideas and get started on the planning.  



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