The Premier Choice for Seaside Corporate Holiday Parties

corporate holiday party near sea

When it comes to corporate holiday party venues near the sea, Charter One Yachts stands unparalleled. Experience luxury, class, and a scenic seascape that turns every corporate event into a grand celebration. Our fleet of exquisite yachts, combined with unmatched service, offers an ambiance that’s both exclusive and exhilarating. Whether you’re looking to impress clients, […]

Exceptional Mingling: Dinner Cruises in Fort Lauderdale & Miami

Dinner cruises

Navigating through the serene waters of Fort Lauderdale and Miami while the city lights twinkle in the distance offers a setting like no other. Imagine coupling that with a gourmet dinner and the company of like-minded individuals or loved ones. That’s the essence of a dinner cruise, and Charter One Yachts delivers it with unparalleled […]

Unlock Exclusive Celebrations: Yacht Event Hosting in Miami

miami yacht event hosting

Amidst the glittering skyline and azure waters of Miami, lies the secret to unforgettable events – The Summer Wind. Step aboard and leave the ordinary behind, as you embark on a journey of luxury, exclusivity, and bespoke experiences that redefine yacht event hosting in Miami. Forget the conventional venues, the crowded spaces, and the seen-it-all-before […]

Exploring History on Miami Dinner Cruises

dinner cruises in miami

When we think of Miami, our minds naturally wander to palm trees swaying in the balmy breeze, the shimmering Atlantic stretching to the horizon, and a cosmopolitan allure that draws visitors from across the globe. The magic of Miami isn’t just confined to its shores, however. If you’re looking to take your Miami experience up […]

Scenic Celebrations: Yacht Events in Fort Lauderdale

Charter One Scenic Celebrations, dinner cruise, fort Lauderdale private yacht charter on charter one

When one thinks of Fort Lauderdale, images of pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and luxurious lifestyles come to mind. In this dynamic cityscape, Charter One offers an unparalleled and unique event experience aboard its classic yacht, The Summer Wind. A yacht event in Fort Lauderdale held amidst the serene backdrop of the vast Atlantic, under the […]

Dressing for Dinner: What to Wear on a Dinner Cruise

Charter One Dinner Cruise, fort Lauderdale private yacht charter one

The very essence of a dinner cruise, especially when set aboard a masterpiece like The Summer Wind by Charter One Yachts, radiates sophistication, romance, and an ambiance that’s both intimate and grand. But, a constant question often looms — what to wear on a dinner cruise? Picking the right attire is akin to choosing the […]

Unconventional Corporate Activities in Miami

corporate activities miami, yacht corporate event in miami, charter a yacht for company event

In the vibrant and dynamic city of Miami, where creativity freely cascades much like the ocean waves, the pursuit of the unconventional in corporate activities is a continual voyage. This search for innovation and camaraderie in corporate gatherings is paramount. Embarking on a journey with Charter One Yachts not only presents a premier maritime venue […]

Discovering the Best South Florida Yacht Charter Companies

south florida yacht charter companies

Navigating South Florida’s Yacht Charter Landscape A glorious tapestry of blue skies, sun-kissed coastlines, and warm tropical waters, South Florida sets the stage for an unparalleled yachting experience. The region, known for its bustling yachting industry, invites a global audience seeking an unforgettable oceanic adventure. However, such allure brings with it a fiercely competitive market […]

Rent a Yacht Florida: The Charter One Difference

rent a yacht florida

Embark on a Nautical Journey in Fort Lauderdale Are you in search of an extraordinary adventure that’s far removed from the mundane? Do you desire an experience that beautifully marries luxury, the thrill of discovery, and a splash of nautical adventure? Look no further than Charter One Yachts. We cordially invite you to rent a […]

Luxury Yacht Charter in Fort Lauderdale

luxury yacht charter fort lauderdale

Experience Extravagance at Sea with Charter One Yachts Enter a realm where luxury isn’t a mere add-on, but the very essence of the experience. Where every detail is designed to captivate, inspire, and indulge. Where the journey is as breathtaking as the destination. This is what Charter One Yachts offers you: an unforgettable luxury yacht […]