Yacht Wedding Reception Receptions, like weddings, come in all shapes and sizes, but whatever style you choose, this should be the ultimate party – a celebration of love among family and friends. That means every detail must be perfect and nothing can be missed. This wedding reception checklist will help you design a plan from start to finish.


Wedding Reception Ideas

Before all the planning can begin, you have to have an idea of what you want – ask yourself these questions:

Wedding Reception Timeline

Once you have determined the basic ideas, you should create a timeline for your wedding reception, so you know when you should do what.

Eleven months before:

Nine months before:

Eight months before:

Six month before:

Four months before:

Three month before:

Two month before:

One month before:

One week before:

The day prior to and the day of your wedding and reception should be reserved for you to relax and focus on you preparing for your big day – not fussing over caterers, music, and décor. And don’t be shy about hiring someone to handle “day-of” details. These individuals are less expensive than a full-time wedding planner and will fuss over the minutia so you can simply enjoy your day.