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A Luxury Yacht Charter – The Ultimate Business Venue

By Isabella Stark

February 22, 2011

Ultimate Business Venue A friend of mine works for a corporate company that specializes in the creation and maintenance of web sites using special types of servers.  For most of the deals his company makes, it’s important to make a lasting impression on the potential client; that his company is one of professionalism, style and class.

He recently told me about an amazing luncheon event that was held for multiple prospects aboard a Charter One Yacht, or as he called it, the ultimate venue.

First of all, he said that the yacht had a full fleet of media capabilities, which has been an ongoing problem with most of the venues his company has chosen.  Restaurants just don’t have everything that’s needed to make a positive impact on a customer.  It’s hard to sell a website when all you have are screen shots glued to cardboard, and the media capabilities aboard The Floridian Princess Yacht allow for perfect presentations each and every time.

The space of the meeting room was perfect.  It was modern and large enough for everyone to be comfortable, yet intimate enough that he didn’t need a microphone to make his presentation.

Charter One even accommodated the luncheon with a custom menu of requested cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.  He opted for the plated lunches instead of the buffet because he felt like it was the more professional option.  Additionally, there were a few guests who had specific dietary needs that were easily met without hesitation from the staff.

After lunch and the presentation, he and the guests were able to move to the upper deck and socialize in a very casual, open air setting.  He told me the atmosphere seemed to make the prospective clients feel much more at ease and surely made a lasting impression on the importance of their meeting.

Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the experience aboard the luxury yacht charter that day.  Surely, the decision to take a different approach to an, otherwise, boring luncheon proved fruitful for his company.

Isabella Stark has been with Charter One Yachts since January 2016. She graduated from The University of Florida with a Bachelor’s in Communications and met Matt and Lauren Talchik during her internship with the Winterfest Boat Parade. Isabella has lived in Fort Lauderdale for most of her life. She is married, and has two little girls who love visiting the crew on The Summer Wind. Isabella loves coordinating special occasion charters and proudly says that she loves her job.

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