fort lauderdale christmas holiday party for 50 people

Fort Lauderdale Christmas Holiday Party for 50 People with Charter One Yachts

Set sail on a festive journey that will capture the essence of the holidays with a Fort Lauderdale Christmas Holiday Party aboard Charter One Yachts. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your group of 50 will experience the pinnacle of sophistication and seasonal charm. Charter One Yachts offers a luxurious venue that glides through the heart of Fort Lauderdale, showcasing the city’s festive lights and winter charm from the unmatched perspective of the water.


As the city’s skyline twinkles like a constellation of holiday lights, your guests will indulge in the comfort and style of our elegant yachts. With a custom-tailored event designed to exceed every expectation, we pay meticulous attention to every detail, from the sumptuous holiday menus crafted by our gourmet chefs to the festive decor that adorns the vessel, ensuring an ambiance of warmth and festivity.

The Fort Lauderdale Backdrop: Sail and Dine in Style

Embark on a voyage of festive delight with Charter One Yachts, where your Fort Lauderdale Christmas holiday party for 50 people becomes the season’s standout event. Glide across the glistening waters as the Fort Lauderdale skyline paints a picturesque scene, with the city’s festive lights dancing on the waves. Charter One Yachts promises an intimate yet grand celebration, infusing your holiday gathering with unparalleled elegance and a touch of nautical charm.

As you set course on this yuletide adventure, the spirit of the season fills the air, complemented by the sophisticated ambiance of our fleet. Your guests will savor the holiday cuisine, artfully prepared by our skilled chefs, all while indulging in the panoramic views that only a Fort Lauderdale coastal setting can offer. Each moment aboard Charter One Yachts is crafted with the utmost care, ensuring your Christmas holiday party for 50 people is not just an event, but a cherished memory in the making.

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Why “The Summer Wind” is Perfect for Groups of 50

“The Summer Wind,” a gem in the Charter One Yachts fleet, offers an intimate setting where every guest can indulge in the grandeur of a bygone era of yachting, revitalized with modern luxury. She’s tailored to provide an exquisite backdrop for your Christmas celebrations, ensuring every moment is enveloped in sophistication and holiday spirit. Her decks and salons are designed to foster warmth and camaraderie, echoing the joy of Christmas with every nautical mile.

With “The Summer Wind,” your Fort Lauderdale Christmas holiday party for 50 people is not just an event, but an elegant journey through the tranquil waters of Fort Lauderdale, complete with a crew dedicated to making your holiday celebration as merry and bright as the season itself. Experience the harmony of classic yachting and holiday festivities with Charter One Yachts – where your Christmas event becomes the toast of the season.

Fort Lauderdale Flavors on Open Waters for Your Fort Lauderdale Christmas Holiday Party for 50 People

christmas holiday party for 50 people ft lauderdale

Set the stage for a culinary voyage with Charter One Yachts, where the Fort Lauderdale Christmas spirit comes alive on the open waters. Your holiday party for 50 people will be a sumptuous celebration of taste and sea, with a menu infused with local flavors and the freshest ingredients, reflective of Fort Lauderdale’s vibrant culinary scene.

As Charter One Yachts navigates the serene waters, your guests will indulge in a dining experience that’s as spectacular as the panoramic ocean views. Each course is thoughtfully curated to complement the joyous atmosphere of your Christmas holiday party, ensuring that the feast is not only a treat for the palate but also a feast for the eyes, capturing the essence of Fort Lauderdale’s festive season.

Entertainment & Activities: Making the Fort Lauderdale Night Memorable

Step aboard Charter One Yachts for an evening where entertainment and activities blend seamlessly to elevate your Fort Lauderdale Christmas holiday party for 50 people into an extraordinary event. In the spirit of the season, our yacht becomes an enchanting stage for festivities that will enchant and delight your guests against the nighttime sky of Fort Lauderdale.

The essence of a memorable party lies in the experiences shared and the laughter that echoes across the deck. Charter One Yachts prides itself on delivering exceptional entertainment options tailored to your holiday celebration. From the soft strumming of live musicians serenading the night to interactive activities that capture the joy of the season, we bring the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s vibrant culture on board for your Christmas event.


Planning Your Fort Lauderdale Christmas Holiday Party for 50 People

Embark on a journey of festive planning with Charter One Yachts, your premier partner in orchestrating a Fort Lauderdale Christmas holiday party for 50 people that is destined to be talked about long after the holiday lights dim. With the scenic Fort Lauderdale waterways as your backdrop, Charter One Yachts is dedicated to transforming your holiday vision into a splendid reality.

Every aspect of your Christmas celebration is meticulously crafted to your desires, ensuring that your gathering of 50 guests experiences the height of holiday cheer. From selecting the perfect yacht in our fleet to match your party’s ambiance, to personalizing the decor and entertainment, Charter One Yachts stands as your guide through the merry waters of event planning.

Booking Information for Our Fort Lauderdale Christmas Holiday Party for 50 People

Securing your enchanting Fort Lauderdale Christmas holiday party for 50 people is just a horizon away with Charter One Yachts. As you look to celebrate the season on the shimmering waters of Fort Lauderdale, Charter One Yachts stands ready to ensure your festive gathering is not just a party, but an event that defines luxury and exclusivity.

To embark on this yuletide adventure, our dedicated team is at your service, providing detailed information and personalized assistance to tailor your event to perfection. Your journey towards a magical Christmas celebration begins with understanding your vision, for which our coordinators offer expert advice and availability to fit your holiday schedule.

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Call Charter One Yachts for the Best Fort Lauderdale Christmas Holiday Party for 50 People

Make this holiday season one to remember by choosing Charter One Yachts for an unparalleled Fort Lauderdale Christmas holiday party for your group of 50. Our dedication to delivering the finest festive experiences is unmatched, ensuring that your holiday event is nothing short of spectacular.


Whether you’re envisioning an elegant evening under the stars or a lively night of festive revelry, Charter One Yachts is at the helm, ready to bring your Christmas party dreams to life with the stunning Fort Lauderdale waterscape as your backdrop. We are committed to providing top-tier service, exquisite dining, and a festive atmosphere that captures the spirit of the season. Call Charter One Yachts at 954-833-4731 to make an appointment. 

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