Add a little sizzle to your party with a Fort Lauderdale Dinner Cruise

Are you ready to plan the ultimate party with your friends and family? Perhaps you need to host a distinctive and unforgettable celebration for your employees and clients. No matter what the occasion, a Fort Lauderdale Dinner Cruise full of lovely memories is unique, breathtaking, and a venue that guarantees magical memories will be made.

Luxury Fort Lauderdale Dinner Cruise

 Picture the excitement and wonder as guests board a majestic yacht, atop spectacular blue ocean water, with the cityscape of Fort Lauderdale as their background. Add to this atmosphere the finest in entertainment, a themed décor as unique as your guests, and a five-star menu that can be summed up in one word – divine. 

Whether your Fort Lauderdale Dinner Cruise will be the hosting venue for a holiday party, or a milestone birthday or anniversary party, one thing is for sure…guests will have the night of a lifetime.

Your dinner cruise celebration planning will get underway when you choose your hosting yacht. From grand to cozy, our fleet includes a variety of incredible vessels, each comprised of unique décor, amenities, and layout

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Let’s say you are interested in hosting a large, formal dinner cruise Fort Lauderdale for your top clients and employees. The ideal vessel in our fleet would be The Grand Floridian. Her name says it all; this Fort Lauderdale yacht charter is perfect when an avant-garde and sophisticated celebration is desired.

With 18,000square feet and multiple decks, this modernized vessel provides plenty of room for guests to roam and take in magnificent views from every deck.

Another stunning vessel, also large in size is The Floridian Princess. Multiple decks and dancing areas, modernized décor with state-of-the-art amenities, and an “ultimate yacht bar” provide guests with numerous options to have fun. You can make this ship all your own once you pick out your chosen dinner cruise theme. From masquerade balls and casino night to casual, Hawaiian tropic cook-outs, our event planning team will make your party vision a reality.

When an intimate and cozy space is needed, The Summer Wind never disappoints. With room for 60 guests, this completely restored vessel brings old-world charm and glamour to your upcoming celebration. And, once used as the vacationing vessel for the Bacardi family, its rich history is sure to get an extra “wow” from your guests!

So what are you waiting for? 

Enjoy the beauty of the hot River Cruise in Fort Lauderdale!

Instead of settling for a restaurant, conference room, or rental hall for your upcoming party, why not choose a host that is unforgettable? Our skilled and trusted event planning team will handle all of the details, from a spectacular menu, perfectly decorated theme, ideal dock location, and above-average entertainment. With our long list of vendors, each with extensive knowledge in luxury dinner cruise yachts Fort Lauderdale, we can pull off just about any party idea or theme you can think of! Contact a team member today to learn more about our incredible yacht choices or to make an appointment to tour the vessel that has caught your eye.

Live the emotion with our Fort Lauderdale Dinner Cruise. 👉 954-771-0102

Contact Charter One now at 954-771-0102 and start planning a dinner cruise in Fort Lauderdale that is sure to be raved about for many years to come!