Corporate Yacht RentalBetween the breathtaking cities and waterways of South Florida and the sophisticated fleet of Charter One, a corporate yacht rental for your company’s next affair has never been easier! With this combination, your company can pull off its next big party, product launch, awards ceremony and more, or spend the day with a top client who is deserving of some pampering.

Scenic waterways, incredible cityscapes and a relaxed atmosphere set the tone perfectly no matter what type of occasion your corporate yacht rental is for. Our majestic fleet will serve as the perfect hosting grounds for your next company dinner, employee appreciation banquet, or launch party and can be custom tailored to the look and feel of your brand. When you partner with us, you and your company have access to some of the best event planners in the business who have close relationships with the premier vendors in South Florida. Your gala, whether big or small, will be an affair to remember for years to come.

Here are just a few of the many incredible things you have to look forward to when you book your next corporate yacht event with Charter One:




At Charter One, we have the experience, expertise and industry resources to make your next corporate event an affair to be remembered.

Call Charter One now at (954) 866-1197 or visit and start planning your corporate yacht rental today. Show your employees and prized clients how much they are appreciated with an event planned just for them!