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If you’re looking to host a party to remember, a yacht party rental is an ideal, one-of-a-kind experience that will elevate your celebration to the next level. Charter One has several party rental options for any special occasion or milestone. Our private vessels can pick you and your guests up from multiple marinas in Miami and surrounding areas to allow for easy access for your guests that may be unfamiliar with the Florida area. 

Each party yacht rental is customized to meet the specific theme of your party. Our onboard team of service staff and private chefs will provide a menu that offers superior food options along with decorations that enhance the appearance and ambiance of your event. You and your guests can enjoy a luxury party experience all the while taking in the breathtaking panoramic views overlooking the tranquil, turquoise ocean. Our team is equipped with the expertise and passion to develop a yacht party that you and your party guests will remember for a lifetime. 

Yacht Party Aventura

Several special occasions can be brought to life with a customized yacht party. If you’re celebrating a birthday, engagement, promotion, wedding, or anniversary, there are specific yacht party packages available that offer you an all-inclusive party that takes care of the food, drinks, decorations, and theme of your party. 

A yacht party invites you and your guests to set sail on the ocean within a premier vessel. The modern design of these vessels transports you to a life of luxury with access to amenities and services that take care of all of your guests’ needs. Inside the air-conditioned boat, you can find comfortable lounge areas, bedrooms, a full-service gallery, and full ensuite bathrooms. You and your guests can enjoy the picturesque views of the ocean while enjoying the covered aft deck area that has a dining table to sit with your guests to eat an exquisite meal or delicious cocktails and beverages. On the top deck, there is a partially covered area on the deck offers full 360-degree views of the Florida coastline and breathtaking ocean views. Your next party with Charter One will be one you and your guest won’t forget. 

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How to Throw a Party on a Yacht in Aventura

A yacht party is an excellent idea for many celebratory occasions. If you’ve decided that you’re ready to make your next party a luxury celebration on the open waters of the South Florida ocean, Charter One has an experienced team of event planners, yacht captains, crew, bartenders, and service staff that know how to provide a premier party effortlessly. 

As you prepare for your yacht party, there are some things to consider for planning that will help our team create an unforgettable party experience for you and your guests. The first thing to consider is the number of guests you’ll be inviting. This will help our team create a menu and event plan that’ll ensure all of your guests are fed, have access to drinks and have the right amount of space for entertainment. Charter One has several luxury vessels to choose from and the size of your guest list will help our team select the perfect yacht to fit your party. 

The next important step is establishing a budget for your party. A specific budget parameter allows our team to develop the perfect event for you and your guests that won’t break the bank. We offer customizable party packages that include all of the amenities and services you desire all within an affordable price range. 

Establish a theme and vibe that you want to have for your party. A specific atmosphere and theme will bring new levels of fun and sophistication to your party. Our team is here to support you in bringing your vision for your life party. Just inform our staff of the event you would like to have and we’ll work hard to make your dreams come true. You can choose from themes of a black tie event or a sunset yacht party. If there are specific entertainment ideas – music, photo booths, dance floors, or more– we can make those wishes come true with the help of our passionate team that is dedicated to throwing you a party of a lifetime. 

All-Inclusive Yacht Party Rental Aventura

Charter One all-inclusive yacht parties provide you with party packages that include all the services and amenities you need to throw a memorable party. The all-inclusive party packages offer catering options from gourmet chefs on board, a private captain to drive the boat, a dedicated crew that is there to make your ride smooth and effortless, and dining tables, tablecloths, cutlery, and decorations. 

When choosing your all-inclusive party rental package, you’ll have dining options for a buffet-style meal or a live-action station menu prepared by our private, renowned chefs. If you’re looking for casual dining options while you enjoy the warm Florida sun, there are options for appetizers and hor oeuvres for snacking in between sunbathing and swimming in the warm Florida oceans. 

Custom Menus for Yacht Parties Aventura

At Charter One, we believe that luxury sailing on yachts is best accompanied by exquisite fine dining options. Our chefs and service staff have been perfecting the art of gourmet cuisine for years and continue to strive to improve the menu options for our guests. All of our menu items are freshly prepared on board by our chefs to bring you and your guests an undeniably unique and delicious dining experience. 

When you’re planning your luxury yacht party, you’ll be offered a list of menu options that are customizable to meet the dietary and preferential needs of your guests. If you’re seeking a menu option that’s suited to the theme of your party, our chefs will design a menu plan that will accentuate your theme and vision. Our team can prepare luncheon or dinner-themed menu items depending on the time of day you’re hosting your party

Yacht Birthday Party Ideas

A birthday is a special day that is meant for guests of honor to enjoy with their closest family and friends. Our service team and chefs go above and beyond to make your wildest birthday dreams come true. If you’re looking for an elegant, classy birthday party over cocktails and fine dining, our team will develop a sophisticated atmosphere to assist you in embracing the next year ahead. Others may be searching for a fun, extravagant birthday party that invites your guests and you to have ongoing entertainment while enjoying the Intracoastal waters in the hot Florida heat. 

No matter the theme and time of your party, our team will create a menu and party package that will offer you a birthday celebration that your friends and family will rave about. 

Anniversary Party Boat Rental Aventura

An anniversary is a special occasion that takes the time to honor and celebrate the long-lasting love between two people. Relationships take work and two partners in love have overcome life hurdles while still cherishing the love they have for one another. A luxury party rental is a perfect way to solidify and celebrate the many years of love and the many more to come. Whether you want to renew your vows or celebrate the joyous day that you came together as a couple in love, an anniversary party offers a romantic vibe that appeals to partners and their guests of honor. 

Yacht Engagement Party Aventura

If you’re ready to pop the big question to your loved one, you want to find a romantic, memorable moment that will live on in your heart and memories for a lifetime. A sunset yacht party offers a picturesque location to invite the love of your life to take your hand in marriage. Invite your family and friends to witness this moment at a yacht engagement party. 

If you’ve already asked the big question and are looking for a memorable way to celebrate this huge milestone in life, Charter One offers specific yacht party packages that are designed for you and your guests to celebrate the joining of two loving partners. Our vessels carry up to 50 people at a time allowing you to bring your close circle of people along for the ride as you plan and anticipate the next big ride of your life. 

Yacht Rentals for Sweet Sixteen Parties

A sweet sixteen birthday is a momentous milestone in a teenager’s life. Teens dream about their sweet sixteen parties and hope for it to be a birthday celebration unlike any other. A luxury yacht rental provides a special, one-of-a-kind birthday party for the teenager in your life. The party packages available offer several entertainment, food, and decorations that will suit the desires of your teen making them the envy of all of their friends. As they ring in their sweet sixteen on a yacht, they will have smooth sailing into adulthood with a party that they will remember their whole life. 

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