Dinner Cruises

Top Rated Dinner Cruises for Special Occasions in Aventura 

A dinner cruise on a luxury yacht offers an exclusive, one-of-a-kind experience for any celebration— birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, engagements, or any other life milestones that deserve a special commemoration. A yacht rental invites you and your guests to enjoy fine dining cuisines while relaxing aboard a luxury vessel that offers exclusive amenities and services. As you take in the exquisite tastes of a private chef, you can overlook the stunning views of the Florida oceans and picturesque views of the South Florida coastline. 

Charter One has several vessels that are designed with your comfort and desire in mind. These executive boats offer a large upper deck patio area that has a partially covered area to offer shade from the sun and cover from any sea breezes. As you sit up top, you and your guests can take in the 360-degree panoramic views of the ocean and the perfect views to take in the gorgeous Florida sunsets. You and your guests can dance under the sun or enjoy a relaxing drink with a delicious meal over the calm, peaceful waters of the ocean. If you choose to enjoy your dinner inside, our yachts are air-conditioned throughout the boat and have several seating and lounging spaces for your party to sit and enjoy each other’s company. 

The team at Charter One is experienced in event planning and strives to bring you the dinner cruise you’re envisioning for your special occasion. We work to take the stress out of your party planning by helping to take care of all of the small details of your dinner party so all you have to do is climb aboard. We’ll take care of the decorations that match the theme of your party, create a customized meal plan that tantalizes the palettes of each person, and provide onboard entertainment that suits the mood and vibe of your dinner party. Looking for a band or DJ? We’ll find you the right music to set the mood and ambiance for your celebration. With our team taking care of the planning, your next great dinner party will be smooth sailing. 

Romantic Dinner Cruises Aventura

If you’re looking for a romantic date night for your special someone that tells them how special they are to you, a dinner cruise on board a luxury yacht will make them feel like the treasured gift they are to you. A date night on a yacht elevates the special occasion to new levels. You could go out to a restaurant where you’re surrounded by others in a busy, loud environment, but you could miss the opportunity for an intimate, personal connection one on one without the distractions of the world around you. A private dinner on a yacht allows you and your partner to spend uninterrupted time together while having all of the drinks, food, and entertainment provided to you by our service staff. 

Nothing says romance than a stunning sunset view overlooking the crystal clear waters of the Florida ocean. As you take in the sights, you and your partner can easily relax and enjoy conversation with one another and share in love and affection towards one another. 

Choose the perfect menu for you and your partner. Whether you both share a love for a certain meal or are looking for a new, unique meal option, our private chefs offer exquisite dining options that are sure to peak your tastebuds and leave your bellies full and satisfied. Enjoy food options that are rich in flavor and prepared fresh on our vessel. You can customize your menu options to meet your requests or specialized orders so that you and your loved one can enjoy a dining experience like no other.

Private Dinner Cruise Anniversary Party in Aventura

An anniversary is a special day to celebrate with your loved one. Another year of marriage together and the continuation of your love growing and strengthening with each other is a reason to celebrate together in a lavish, luxurious celebration together or alongside your closest family and friends. 

Our team pulls out all the stops to ensure that your anniversary party is memorable and meaningful to you. You don’t have to worry about the planning details as our service team will take care of everything– all you have to do is get on board the yacht. We will set up the decor, serve you and your guests food and drinks, and provide you with 5-star entertainment throughout your voyage. Anything that you’ve envisioned to make the night special, our team will help come to life. If there are flowers, music, an ambiance you’re seeking, or specific music or dancing you want to happen, anything is possible with the experienced team at Charter One looking after your party planning. 

As you celebrate this momentous occasion with your special someone, you’ll be able to take unforgettable pictures, to capture the moment forever, on the upper deck with the stunning backdrop of the rich blue colors of the ocean. As the sun comes down over the Florida coastline, share a toast and the love you share with a glass of champagne or enjoy hor oeuvres together or with your party. However you want to share your love, we’ll bring the right menu, drinks, and entertainment to make this a special night for you and your guests to celebrate. 

Birthday Dinner Cruise Aventura

A birthday is a celebration that is unique to you. Unlike other holidays that everyone celebrates, a birthday is special to the person and deserves a party that is catered to the unique interests and desires of the birthday person. Our yacht rentals offer luxury vessels that are loaded with services and amenities that will transform your celebration into a first-class experience. All of your guests will be exceptionally taken care of by our service team which will serve you and your guest food and drinks all night long. 

If you’re seeking a large party with friends and family, our vessels can hold 50 people. You have the option to create a party that suits the vibe and energy you’re desiring. If you’re looking for a sophisticated dinner party, we offer dinner cruise yacht rentals that invite you and your guests to indulge in a gourmet multiple-course meal. If you prefer a birthday party that involves dancing, food, drinks, and entertainment, our team will create a party plan that ticks all of your boxes. We’ll find you a DJ or in-house band that will play your favorite music, customize a menu and even develop a personalized drink menu. If you prefer entertainers at your party, dancers or performers, we’ll find the best performances and bring them to you aboard our vessel. A birthday celebration on our luxury yacht charters is a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

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Family Dinner Cruise Aventura

Families have a lot to celebrate together – birthdays, graduations, reunions, anniversaries, or even a fun occasion to connect. Bring your family onto a dinner cruise where you can all enjoy a special outing on the peaceful waters under the warm Florida sun. If you have young children in the family, our team offers many activities for entertainment that will keep your kids happy and engaged on the open seas. Let our crew know your child’s interests and we can arrange for appropriate entertainment that is fun for all ages– magicians, dancers, and more. 

Each member of your family has different preferred tastes or favorite meals that are special to them. To elevate the yachting experience, our private, onboard chefs will freshly prepare meals that are perfect for your family members of any age. 

A dinner cruise on a yacht allows families to get outside together away from the everyday distractions on land. Free of cell phone distractions, social media, and day-to-day responsibilities, your family can connect again while having fun– free of any stress. As kids grow older, they cherish the memories made together as a family. A yacht dinner cruise will be a memory that will remain with your kids for a lifetime. 

Entertain Clients With a Private Dinner on a Boat in Aventura

A private yacht dinner is an exceptional way to impress clients and offer them a prestigious experience. The clean, professional appearance of our yachts upholds a level of luxury and class. Clients are offered a premier dinner menu and specialized drinks that meet their unique tastes to elevate their business meeting experience. The spacious yachts offer various rooms to complete presentations and are equipped with the best technology so that your pitch goes off without a hitch. 

To make your dinner party a success, we’ll take care of the decor to ensure that your company logo, colors, brand, and environment are established within the yacht rental. We’ll take care of all of the small details so that you can focus on impressing your client and closing the deal. 

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