Questions for Wedding PlannerYou want your wedding day to be nothing short of spectacular and to make that happen, you might enlist the services of a wedding planner. Of course, before you can trust someone with the most special day of your life, you have to know that they will deliver absolute perfection. To ensure you pick the right wedding planner, you need to know what questions to ask. Use this wedding planner checklist to determine exactly what a wedding planner does and should do for you in regards to your most special event.

Choosing a wedding planner
It is likely that there are several top wedding planners in your area, but before you can dive right into choosing one, you must consider the cost of a wedding planner and find one that fits your needs and your budget.


Wedding Planner List
Before you head off to interview potential candidates for your wedding planner, you need to create a sort of wedding checklist for the wedding planner. There are several details they will need to know to give you a cost estimate and paint a clear picture of the wedding day they will create for you.


Questions to Ask Potential Wedding Planners

  1. Are you a certified wedding planner? If so, where is your certification from? What is your educational background?
  2. Is wedding planning your full-time job? If it is part-time, what is your other job?
  3. Exactly what services do you provide? Are those outlined in your contract?
  4. How long have you been planning weddings?
  5. How many clients will you take on at once?
  6. Tell me about the biggest challenge you ever faced planning a wedding and how you overcame it.
  7. Are you open to hiring our choice of vendors, or do you only work with specific vendors? If we use your vendors, do you take commission or receive a discount?
  8. Will you be present at all vendor meetings to discuss details?
  9. How will you handle “emergencies”? Such as, I spill red wine on my dress or you become ill on the day of my wedding or the caterer quits before the wedding (With this question, you want to determine their ability to think quickly and react in unforeseen situations).
  10. Do you see any issues with the wedding date we have chosen, such as weather, travel for our guests, or do you foresee any difficulty booking a venue or vendor?

Remember, in an effort to determine your wishes, needs, level of maintenance, budget, wedding vision, and more, the planner will and should have plenty of questions for you. This is the opportunity for both of you to determine how well you will work together. As you chat with one another, take time to consider manner, personality, confidence, and anything else you may be looking for in the person responsible for your perfect day. Be careful not to hire a planner who does not listen, is bossy, attempts to convince you of what is best for you, critiques your ideas, has no references, or won’t sign a written contract.