Rent a Boat in Miami for a Day: What You Need to Know

How does it work to rent a yacht in Miami for the day? Here’s What You Need to Know If you are planning an upcoming special occasion and are looking for the perfect venue you should consider Charter One Miami yacht rentals. You can rent a boat in Miami for a day – or night […]

Miami Yacht Rentals

Miami yacht rentals are the ideal way to host a unique and unforgettable affair! You can plan your next great party on a Charter One Miami yacht rental. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, graduation, homecoming or retirement, you can make this party venue a memorable event. Our luxury yachts are streamlined to perfection and […]

Consider Miami Yacht Rentals for Your Next Event

Looking to host an extraordinary event? Consider a Miami yacht charter rental from Charter One! If you are looking for a unique venue for your next celebration, a Miami yacht charter is your best bet. Charter One offers you and your guests a magical adventure as you cruise along Miami’s waterways in a luxurious yacht. […]