Boat Cruises Fort Lauderdale

Make your celebration unforgettable with a boat cruise in Fort Lauderdale If you have envisioned hosting the ultimate party but kept putting it off, let 2016 be the year for your celebration dreams to come true!  Boat cruises Fort Lauderdale, presented by the impeccable Charter One fleet, is the solution when it comes to searching […]

Party Yacht Charters

Offer guests a unique celebration with a party yacht charter Does the New Year bring with it a special celebration? Perhaps you have a milestone birthday or anniversary date coming up, or maybe 2016 will be the year for a long awaited graduation, engagement party or wedding reception. Whatever the occasion, a party yacht charter […]

Dinner Cruise West Palm Beach

Combine luxury and elegance with a private dinner cruise in West Palm Beach With a new year upon us, let this be the year for taking your love of the water and combining it with a celebration filled with close friends and family. Planning a luxurious private dinner cruise West Palm Beach is a fun […]

Party Yacht Charters Fort Lauderdale

Throw a unique celebration with a party yacht charter in Fort Lauderdale Are you looking to party in style for your next celebration? If so, party yacht charters Fort Lauderdale offer a memorable and unique spin on any type of event. Kick things up a notch by inviting guests to join you on a modern and […]

Boat Cruises West Palm Beach

Plan luxurious celebrations with boat cruises in West Palm Beach Do you have a love for the open water, sailing across a breathtaking ocean or the sparkling Intracoastal? If so, there is no better way to combine your love for the water with your next special party than by booking one of our fabulous boat […]

Party Yacht Charters West Palm Beach

Party Yacht Charters in West Palm Beach Impress your guests with a party yacht charter in West Palm Beach Is there a special group of people in your life who you would like to treat to a glamorous and luxurious yacht excursion? If so, party yacht charters West Palm Beach provide a way to do […]

Dinner Cruise Miami

Nighttime just got hotter with a unique dinner cruise in Miami from Charter One!  Imagine the excitement, glamour and sophistication you can experience with a dinner cruise in Miami, comprised of your closest friends and family. Whether you are celebrating an engagement party, rehearsal dinner, special birthday or anniversary party or some type of milestone […]

Boat Cruises in Fort Lauderdale

Turn this season’s parties up a notch with boat cruises in Fort Lauderdale Is it time to gather your closest friends and family around for a party experience unlike any other? With luxury boat cruises in Fort Lauderdale, holiday, birthday, engagement parties and more can be taken to an entirely new level. Imagine the thrill […]

Party Yacht Rentals Miami

Give your guest list five-star treatment with a luxurious party yacht rental in Miami Are you seeking to plan a five-star, unforgettable party, different from any you have planned in the past? Perhaps a one-of-a-kind holiday party for the upcoming holiday season? Whether you need to plan a party for your closest friends and family […]

Boat Cruises

Offer guests the party of a lifetime with boat cruises from Charter One! Are the open waters calling your name? Is it time to infuse some fun with your closest friends and family into your life? Perhaps you have a special birthday, anniversary, engagement or graduation party coming up and you want it to be […]