Wedding Yacht Charter  Charter One’s New Floridian Princess yacht is the ultimate venue for your wedding and/or wedding reception! With room for up to 400 guests, The Floridian Princess and Charter One can accommodate even the largest of weddings.

A wedding at sea is romantic, luxurious and quite the treat  for everyone in attendance. Beautiful scenery, gourmet food, refreshing drinks and fresh ocean air. Even if you’re set on a more traditional wedding ceremony at a church, Charter One offers one of the finest reception venues available.

Just imagine the excitement of your guests as they’re informed that they need to be at the dock by 5pm for the ultimate wedding reception –  aboard a beautiful luxury yacht on the pristine waterways of tropical South Florida.

Face it, your wedding is a special day that happens only once in a lifetime. Make it phenomenal with Charter Oneand The Floridian Princess. For more pricing, more information and a free tour, contact Charter One today at 954.771.0102 or visit the website at